Talent Day

On Sunday, October 15, it was finally here: Talent Day at DC Casting. A day when we came face to face with promising talents.
Jurgen, Angelissa and Whitney arrived and prepared for their workshops. Whitney prepared her space for catwalk training, Angelissa made sure everything was ready with the camera, and Jurgen focused his lens. And there they were, boys and girls, ready for the day. We divided the talents into two groups. Through Marciano’s lens, we could already see some footage of what happened behind closed doors. Sometimes we heard doors slamming and were startled, but it turned out to be all part of the acting.

During the break we enjoyed delicious food: hot dogs, fruit, fries and delicious croissants. After all, it was the kick-off and a festive occasion. After the break, the groups were switched for the workshops. The space was prepared for the catwalk. We asked the talents what they had learned and self-confidence emerged in everyone. And then the moment was there: one by one they emerged to show who they are. It was a successful catwalk presentation. It seemed like the catwalk was made for them. We got a lot of questions about whether there will be a second time, and yes, there definitely will. This kick-off was just the beginning and the next edition will be even more extensive with more elements.

We at DC Casting loved working with you guys.

Just be you you are enough.

Claudia Lima Dias.

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