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Casting Director – Screenwriter – Creative Director

My name is Claudia Lima Dias Ampadu – a proud mother of two lovely boys Lyam and Logan, and happily married to the love of my life, Ari. They complete my team who always support me in anything I pursue. Growing up, my parents also supported me in everything I wanted to do.

As a child, I always wanted to be on stage – acting, presenting, dancing, and modeling. However, I faced many challenges as I did not fit the model profile due to my body, and there were limited audition opportunities. I did ballet for seven years, but I was looking for something more up-tempo that wasn’t available where I grew up.

So, at the age of 15, I decided to start my dance group with a few friends, which I managed for a year. Then I started teaching dance, providing acting lessons, and writing my plays, which I directed and loved. After taking a break to study tourism and work in that field, I realized it wasn’t my dream and decided to do something unique.

I created “Feminine,” a group of women with diverse dance/acting skills and styles, but the talent was the only requirement. We traveled around Europe, performing in many music videos. I managed the group for almost 12 years and resumed writing again because I missed creating role models who looked like my friends and me.

I used my imagination and creativity to start writing a movie, which eventually became a pilot for a series. Finding people for the pilot was challenging but gratifying. The idea of starting my own agency nagged me in the back of my mind, realizing that there was so much talent in the Netherlands and Europe. However, there wasn’t an agency that catered the vision.

After conducting some research and discussing the various character ideas with many people, it was evident that talent required a platform to shine. My goal was to make talent feel like a talent because being yourself and using your talent is key to success.

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